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Process Efficiency Toolbox™

The Process Efficiency Toolbox™ is a tool that guides you through a technical review of your systems to identify efficiency improvement opportunities that are specific to your manufacturing processes.

Process Efficiency Toolbox™

The Best Technical Tools for Manufacturing Process Efficiency Improvement.
Reduce Costs and Improve Your Operations!

3 Knowledge Category Groups and 285+ Systems

Process Optimization

Process Optimization XPS™

Ultimate optimization tool. Includes Capacity Increase, Process Design, Downtime Prevention, Quality Improvement and Safety Improvement.

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainable Manufacturing XPS™

Process efficiency tool for Material Waste and Energy Reduction, Emissions Reduction, Hazardous Material Usage Reduction, and Water Usage Reduction.

Troubleshooting XPS™

Technical resource to get your process back up and running quickly and to minimize process upset conditions.

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Using Cell Phone to Collect Process Data

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Using Cell Phone to Collect Process Data