Are all shared ideas used?

Not all shared ideas are used.  Each idea must be approved by its system expert group.  This process helps insure that only quality ideas are included in each system.

How can I share multiple ideas?

Multiple ideas may be shared in an Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheets or comma-separated value (CSV) format.  At a minimum, please include one column for the ideas.  You may include other columns that have more information about the idea.  Submit multiple ideas by going to: Community menu > Share Ideas > "Submit an Idea - File"

What type of process improvement ideas can I contribute?

We want ideas, tips, suggestions and best practices that improve a process.  What we don't want is proprietary information.  For example, we don’t want the secret ingredient in a formula that gives the product a special property. The ideas should focus on: Reducing wasted materials Reducing emissions Reducing energy usage Increasing quality Increasing capacity Increasing

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