How is EES different than idea management software?

Idea management software comes with no ideas. Ideas are added typically by crowdsourcing and the ideas are selected by a search or a scoring system. Scoring can often be quite misleading. If everybody scores the idea, then the score tends to become diluted. If an idea is scored by a small group, then the score

How do I change my password?

The seven steps to change your EES password are: Login to EES Go to menu Community > My Account Click on Settings tab Type in Current Password Click Generate Password Accept or type in your own password Click Save Changes

Do other users have access to my data?

Individual membership (Essential or Professional) plans do not allow other users to have any access to your data. For Enterprise accounts, you select your own Administrator.  Your Administrator then decides all user permissions and may allow multiple users access to each other's data.

Are all shared ideas used?

Not all shared ideas are used.  Each idea must be approved by its system expert group.  This process helps insure that only quality ideas are included in each system.

Why is Troubleshooting included in Knowledge Categories?

All Knowledge Categories are types of process improvements.  Without accurate and timely Troubleshooting, some process upsets can quickly spread and lead to major environmental and economic impacts.  Troubleshooting helps to maximize system efficiency by minimizing upset conditions.

How can I share multiple ideas?

Multiple ideas may be shared in an Excel spreadsheet, Google Sheets or comma-separated value (CSV) format.  At a minimum, please include one column for the ideas.  You may include other columns that have more information about the idea.  Submit multiple ideas by going to: Community menu > Share Ideas > "Submit an Idea - File"

Why do I need any more ideas when I already have enough ideas?

Our ideas are generated by a logic rule based approach.  This approach is thorough to prevent any missed opportunities.  Our ideas are non-biased, whereas many existing ideas are based on what is already familiar.   It is often true that "you can't see the forest through the trees" meaning focusing on small ideas and missing

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